Switch Board Upgrades


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Have you ever wondered if your switchboard is providing the safety you require at your home or workplace? Sure, your light and power are still working, but are you and your family protected from electrocution? N&B provides an electrical service that gives certainty in the safety of your home. Ask for an inspection and free quote on any required upgrades by Australian standards. Similarly, we also provide surge protection to your electrical goods from lightning strikes and other power grid related faults.


There are many reasons why people should invest in switch board upgrades today. Your switchboard may not be up to current legal standards and may be required to be replaced by NSW law. This is to ensure that your old switchboard does not become faulty and potentially dangerous. Old models may not have safety switches that protect any user from electrical shock and prevent fire hazards. If you and your family want to benefit from solar panels, older switchboards may not be compatible with them. Fuses are far less likely to blow, from increased power workloads due to a move to technology in the household.

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