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Every building and household must be fitted with one of these devices according to NSW Law. N&B welcomes anyone who has outdated or faulty equipment, to contact us for an immediate inspection. Models nowadays are equipped with medical alert systems, to let fire stations know of any current dangers. This is why N&B is so passionate about providing these crucial services the the community, as it benefits everybody. Contact us for advice on your current setup and we will provide constructive and beneficial feedback. We promise a stress-free approach, you will be nothing but satisfied with your experience.


There are many devices that N&B provide, all of which, play an extremely important role. These include, smoke detectors, that identify the presence of flames in a room or corridor, either using light or ionisation detection. Heat detectors are useful in environments where a smoke detectors are not suitable, in heavily dusty or moist rooms. Infrared and UV rays help flame detectors determine the source of the flame, rather than its by-products. These devices meet Australian standards, and N&B always choose the best products for protecting your home from flame or smoke damage during the summer months.

N&B Electrical Solutions want to ensure that homes in the Penrith LGA have the technology to avoid disaster during summer. You can never be too sure of your protection, so contact us via email, text message or call us to secure an inspection, receive a Free Quote today, and protect your family.

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